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Barrys Scientific Based Products

I have created a web page for Barrys Scientific Based Products.  The Copyrights are both recent and old because some of the older copyrights did not receive enough exposure updated 06/29/2022

Barry's 648 Bit CPU and 729 Wiring Block Configuration

I have decided to republish so of the System Interface Boards that were not promoted, marketed , and developed. These Interface boards compliment the System Motherboards. The copyrighted work is below:

1).   Barrys Visual Model 8192-System-Bus-Design

2).  System 12228 System Interface                                  

3).  System 32768 Interface Design                                  

I am now going to Republish my Crypt Model 900 used for the SS-87/89 Motherboards.

1). Crypt 900 Model                                                                 

 Barrys Scientific Based Products is a registered service mark in Washington State, Idaho, and Registered in Canada.